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  • Antimicrobials in PVC laminates

    According the PVP institute, the polyvinyl chloride is one of the most used polymer in the world. It stands out because its capability of generate malleable and rigid products, only differing on the percent of plasticizer on its composition. Its relations cost-benefits make it be present in diverse sectors offering unique properties, like: chemical stability, […]

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  • What are pathogenic microorganisms?

    Every one of us have heard about microorganisms, even if we can’t see them. Did you know that not all microorganisms are related to diseases and that an average adult carries about 2 kilograms of harmless useful necessary bacteria that participate in digestion¹? —– Most fungi, bacteria, viruses and protozoa are harmless to human health […]

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  • 5 steps to incorporate TNS antimicrobials in your industry

    TNS Nanotechnology delivers to B2B markets antimicrobials additives, which are customized accordingly to the productive process. Such additives are able to inhibit the proliferation of diseases, formation of mold, and even bad odors caused by microorganisms, willing to increase value to the final client and to promote health and well-being. How are these additives incorporated […]

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  • Antimicrobials for plastics: What are the advantages?

    The plastics industry, nowadays, is one of the greatest consumers of antimicrobial products and additives. The available technology allows to incorporate this functionality without altering the properties of the polymers or its common productive process, and it’s called nanotechnology, a science gaining strength over the last years. It’s impossible to talk about the uprising use […]

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  • How antimicrobial additives are incorporated on textile products?

    TNS’s team of researchers and engineers understands the concern and doubts one may have about incorporating a new additive, by nanotechnology or not, at the fabric’s productive process. Each of the new additives developed by us have as one of the most important requirements the non-interference over the conventional production process. Besides not implying any […]

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