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TNS’ antimicrobials provide control and elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, from fungi to bacteria. They can be applied in diverse material and surfaces, promoting health and well-being to the consumer.

The antimicrobial property avoids cross contamination, bacteria proliferation and the generation of undesired biofilms. There are a lot of benefits in using antimicrobial solutions, such as creating safer products to people’s health and increasing hygiene in surfaces and products.

Kidney disease detector for felines

The detector can be presented in two different forms:

  • Liquid solution which can be incorporated in conventional cat litter
  • Ready-for-use cat litter

Both products can identify kidney disease in cats and change the color from yellow to blue.

Thus, it is possible to monitor the cat’s health, taking it to the veterinary when needed – anticipating the diagnosis of a serious kidney disease.

Data: kidney diseases represent a great part of dogs and cats diseases, and the symptoms only appear when 2/3 of the kidneys have lost their functions. If an early diagnosis is determined, it is easier to ensure a healthy life for our pets.

Functional Varnish: hydro repellent and antimicrobial

Polyflex Varnish (Water or solvent based)

  • High elasticity to flexible surfaces
  • Broad spectrum of protection against fungi and bacteria
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Cover of “dead corners”, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and contaminants
  • Easy maintenance and increase of the quality of the treated surface.

Applications in:

  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Granite and marble

The Polyflex Varnish was developed to provide broad coverage and constant protection against fungi and bacteria on different types of surfaces. Cutting boards, flexible floors, pool decks and kitchen stands are some of the applications for this type of product.

Oil repellent (fluor free)

TNS’ oil repellent for papers is the most innovative product in this segment. By being free of fluorochemicals, there is no migration of toxic compounds from a treated paper to food and consequently to the human organism! It is safe, keeps the characteristics of the original paper and offers added value to fast-food and take outs by providing more comfort and hygiene to consumers.

Shelf-life extender for flowers and ornamental plants

The plant preservative additive allows the aspect of freshly harvested and blossomed flowers to remain longer than other market solutions.

This additive can be applied in diverse types of flowers. It extends shelf-life, keeping the color alive and combating fungi and bacteria that may degrade flowers. As a consequence, the added value of flowers and ornamental plants is raised, as is the productivity of the flower and plant producer.

Coating to increase shelf-life of eggs

TNS coating provides a control of the gas exchange between the interior and exterior of eggs, creating a protection free of pathogenic microorganisms. It also acts preserving the nutritional characteristics of the product, maintaining the egg fresh longer.