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Nanotechnology in combating bad odors

unsplash_526360a842e20_1The odors in the feet create great constraints for a large part of the population. Despite this inconvenience for many decades, we have recently discovered a solution. Bromidrose is the name given to this condition that is caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the damp environment of shoes that facilitate this part of the body to sweat.


TNS has developed an intelligent solution that uses silver nanoparticles to permanently inhibit the growth of bacteria that are suppliers of the stink of our feet.


The industry, with a focus on footwear, has applied this solution very well, during the processing of fabrics, fibers, polymers and incorporates components such as insoles, lining, leather and other products that makes the market use the TNS antimicrobial nanotechnology.


This national technology gives the products greater quality and guarantees to the final consumer at a low cost.


Footwear with antimicrobial additive allows the user to have a foot protected from bacteria. It makes it possible to use the shoe many times without the foot odor appearing. Other markets such as mattresses, pillows, uniforms, paints, veterinarians and hospital doctors also use TNS antimicrobial solutions successfully.



From March 17 to 20, another edition of FIMEC - International Fair for Leather, Chemicals, Components, Machinery and Equipment for Footwear and Vegetables takes place – in Novo Hamburgo / RS.

TNS will be there to support visitors to the fair and to support customers who will present products with the TNS antimicrobial, in addition to participating in business roundtables with foreign companies from Latin America and Asia.

Since 1974, this event represents the most important technology in the footwear market and has the presence of businessmen from more than 40 countries.


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