Protec-20 guarantees virus elimination in…

With the drastic changes that the pandemic brought to society, TNS acted quickly and efficiently to offer a solution for us to go through […]

Use of Nanotechnology to Improve…

It is known that biosecurity summarizes a series of measures, standards and technical procedures that should be used to, among other issues, contain and prevent the […]

Science and Ethics in the face of the pandemic

An idea, a will Imagine an environment, formed by engaged people, with an immense interest in sharing their knowledge and values ​​with society, […]

Elements – Traces of nanoparticles in…

For the composition of a healthy eating pattern, it is essential to consume fruits and vegetables in the diet. These foods are made up of vitamins, […]

Anti-viral solution for plastics

The use of polymers in people's daily lives has long been identified as one of the main villains of the environment. However, new technologies […]

Product under development Spray that creates…

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic (SARS-CoV-2), observed since 2019, which caused a large number of deaths in many countries, there was a need […]

TNS nanoparticle has antiviral activity

Since its creation 10 years ago, TNS has created a solid history of innovation, helping several companies to improve their products, be they polymers and […]


Contagion by most viruses, including Covid-19, occurs through small droplets in the nose or mouth that spread […]

New challenges and opportunities for AgNP:…

Many studies and applications are required within the legislation of each country, so that we can affirm that an agent has or does not act under a […]

The threat of coronavirus

Since the beginning of January, the news has been talking about the new coronavirus identified in China, generating a worldwide alert for the danger of contamination. […]

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