Ceramic Materials: Antiviral and Antibacterial Innovations

The change in habits within our homes, work environments and living areas, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, led to the search […]

Use of technologies to increase…

In order to provide productive efficiency with sustainability to the agriculture sector, constant updates of the technologies used in the field are necessary. And for this reason, […]

TNS is elected Startup number…

Published since 2016, Ranking 100 Open Startups annually highlights the most attractive startups for the corporate market and the leading companies most engaged in […]

SP government launches 1st fleet…

Bus benches, balusters and turnstiles received tissue that eliminates the coronavirus Deputy Governor Rodrigo Garcia and Metropolitan Transport Secretary Alexandre Baldy presented […]

Antiviral solution increases protection for tourists…

Partnership between ChromaLiquido Soluções Tecnológicas and TNS Nanotechnology adapts Florianópolis minibuses to pandemic times With the relaxation of isolation and the vacation of […]

Protec-20 guarantees virus elimination in…

Com as drásticas mudanças que a pandemia trouxe a sociedade, a TNS Nano agiu de forma rápida e eficiente para oferecer uma solução para passarmos […]

Nanotecnologia e biosseguridade na cadeia de

It is known that biosecurity summarizes a series of measures, standards and technical procedures that should be used to, among other issues, contain and prevent the […]

Science and Ethics in the face of the pandemic

Uma ideia, uma vontade Imagine um ambiente, formado por pessoas engajadas, com o imenso interesse em compartilhar com a sociedade seus conhecimentos e valores, ao […]

Elements – Traces of nanoparticles in…

For the composition of a healthy eating pattern, it is essential to consume fruits and vegetables in the diet. These foods are made up of vitamins, […]

Anti-viral solution for plastics

Há tempos o uso de polímeros no cotidiano das pessoas tem sido apontado como um dos principais vilões do meio ambiente. Entretanto, novas tecnologias vêm […]

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