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Ciclo Santiago Startout Brasil: TNS é destaque em pitch internacional

The StartOut Brasil is a program to support the insertion of Brazilian startups in new international markets. Each year the program performs cycles in key cities around the world and Brazilian companies can apply to participate in the events.


TNS was featured on selective for Santiago cycleIn Chile, in the year 2019. And the international experience with the whole structure and the consulting StartOut Brazil happened in the last week!


Besides participating in talks with companies and local authorities, participants had the opportunity to present your business, product or service and to players sites, providing opportunities for new business and knowledge exchange.


Throughout our Commercial Manager event, Gustavo Miranda, was in Santiago and attended all agenda of activities involving the program, and highlights the importance of this experience for market expansion TNS: "Indeed the power of experience to participate in a collaborative work as this is unprecedented for companies seeking to connect to the international market and of course, to internationalize their business.


A série de atividades cuidadosamente planejada pela equipe do Startout, Innova 360 e equipe TNS – which included visits to foundations such as the FCH – (Fundação Chile), centros de inovação (Universidade Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), além de apresentações com os órgãos que fomentam o ecossistema de inovação do Chiletráz uma visão importante para a TNS sobre o mercado chileno e como ele se destaca estrategicamente para os negócios de nossa empresa.


We had the opportunity to meet this environment and expand our network, make our pitch to investors meet companies that can positively impact our growth and even bring home a new customer, who seeks to innovate with our customized solutions.


We are very satisfied with the work of the teams involved and we know that our activities do not stop there. We also identify entry opportunities in the Chilean market of agricultural production, fruit in particular, to our line Vivaflora — produto que é utilizado para aumento de produtividade no campo.


Besides Featured in selective, a TNS foi destaque no pitch durante o evento. Todas as startups participantes tiveram 4 minutos para apresentar seu negócio, produtos e ou serviços para os demais, ao final 3 empresas foram escolhidas como as grandes destaques do evento, a primeira colocada foi a TNS!