5 steps to incorporate TNS antimicrobials in your industry

5 steps to incorporate TNS antimicrobials in your industry

TNS Nanotechnology delivers to B2B markets antimicrobials additives, which are customized accordingly to the productive process. Such additives are able to inhibit the proliferation of diseases, formation of mold, and even bad odors caused by microorganisms, willing to increase value to the final client and to promote health and well-being.

How are these additives incorporated in the industry?

First approach with TNS and insight with our solutions

TNS has a presales and marketing team, which is responsible for the first connection between TNS and your company. At the first approach, we pursuit a better understanding of the company’s true needs and expectations for the final product. Besides, we are always looking forward to demonstrate possibilities of innovative solutions, by means of articles and materials written specifically for each attainable market segment. Some of the questions answered by our articles are: Which are the benefits of an antimicrobial toothbrush? Why should we use antimicrobials on sportswear?

Additive customization and sample sharing

After the analysis of our client’s needs and desired applications, our Customer Success engineers are responsible to research the company’s standard industrial process, and to elaborate the foremost customized recipe of the stablished solution. This action has the objective of avoid any product waste, in addition to prevent any changes over the production process such as an increase on the process time or equipment alterations. After the customized recipe, we now share samples of our product and accompany the implementation and product testing until it is validated and properly inserted in the productive process.

Antimicrobial efficiency verification

TNS Nanotechnology always indicates its clients to search for referenced laboratories in antimicrobial analysis. In Brazil, these institutions are subjected to a solid process (From Inmetro) in order to be acceptable at a group of high standards over equipment and processes, called REBLAS. In order to verify the antimicrobial effect, the laboratories use international standards, recognized accordingly to each industry sector. The results are delivered as Portuguese and English reports, directly to the client, assuring certainty and exemption.

Commercial validation and after sales

After technical validation of the antimicrobial analysis and knowledge of positive results, our commercial team elaborates a market-consistent proposal, adapted to the reality and recipe stablished at each case. From this point, TNS offers a proper supply for each productive process, in order to avoid unnecessary stocks.

From a stablished provision, the after sales team takes on to periodically accompany the processes, the deliveries, the attendance quality, amongst other needs. That’s from such a nearby relationship with our clients that allows us to always help with their needs, offering new solutions or corrections as needed.

Assistance with Marketing with the final client

Our services are not over yet! We understand that the relationship with the client who wants to apply our solutions to his products must go beyond a simple periodic purchase. After all, we are aware that our client’s success with his final customer represents a greater satisfaction on acquiring our solutions.   Considering this, our sales and marketing team has studied and prepared a marketing plan, with data from national and international markets, willing to help our clients to explore the antimicrobial concept at their products.

Besides this document, our team also offers in loco and online trainings, and technical information documents so our client’s sales team can be more assertive at their actions.

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