TNS is one of the 100 most attractive startups for the corporate market

TNS is one of the 100 most attractive startups for the corporate market

On July 4th, in São Paulo, Cubo do Itaú – Latin America’s largest entrepreneurship center – announced the publication of the 100th Open Startups Ranking, a publication that has been in place since 2016. It can be considered the thermometer for large companies and leading investors while supporting their interest in promising markets. More than 4,500 startups competed for the award, all of them analyzed by executives from more than 800 large companies.

Proudly, TNS figured out among three of the announced categories!


tns top 100 open startups

The recognition between the Top 100 is what defines the most promising startups in the ranking. In this category, TNS ranked 24th out of 4500 registered startups.


tns top materials

The major highlight for TNS is ranking as the first place in the materials category, among the five selected. TNS is the most promising startup for the Brazilian corporate market on behalf of advanced new materials.


tns / revella 4ª colocada na categoria foodRevella – a spin-off of TNS – also ranked among the five selected on its category, at the fourth position, its product being thus considered one of the most interesting technologies for the food industry.


What are antimicrobials?

Antimicrobials are compounds that inhibit and kill different deteriorative and pathogenic agents (such as fungi, mold and bacteria). The production of goods incorporated of antimicrobials guarantee the avoidance of cross-contamination and proliferation of microorganisms, thus providing products which are more safe for the health and use of customers.


What is Revella?

Revella develops and produces revealing kits that recognize bacterial contaminations on different substrates, in a fast and visual way. Growth as a spin-off of TNS and developing its products with strategic partners, the solutions provided use cutting-edge technologies to bring value to the industry. The current kit brings more assertiveness and speed to the food and insurance industries, as well as other markets that care about Salmonella contamination, for example.


Get to know TNS and our solutions

We promote health, safety and wellness, through cutting-edge chemical technologies. TNS is a company that seeks to meet the demands and interests of the market.

We serve industries in Brazil and in seven other countries, where the antimicrobial line is applied to different markets: textiles, ceramics, paints, paper and cellulose, medical hospital, and many others.