Solvay Group recognizes TNS as the Best Supplier in the Performance and Innovation category

Solvay Group recognizes TNS as the Best Supplier in the Performance and Innovation category

Yearly Rhodia, a company from the Solvay Group, recognizes suppliers that stood out in the quality performance and that promoted value creation through innovation that fortify the supply chain and market openings.

With great delight, TNS was recognized as the Best Supplier in the Global Business Unit Fibers in the Performance & Innovation category from 2018.

Performance Innovation inovação prêmio TNS Rhodia Solvay

TNS’ Managing Director, Gabriel Nunes, received the award from Rhodia in February and comments with satisfaction the result achieved by TNS: “This recognition is a very important step for the young TNS. The award represents our effort and constant search for results from all the team. At TNS our commitment with quality and deliveries surrounds all areas and people. I would like to register here my gratitude for all our colleagues involved and I assume here the commitment to keep TNS in the vanguard of technological chemistry.”.

The collaborative research work between Rhodia and TNS, that started in 2016, resulted in the development of new business opportunities for both companies. The innovation created sustainable value for the market and consequently for society as a whole, fulfilling the vision of sustainability and promotion of society’s wellness by TNS.

TNS’ Technical Manager, Afonso Londero, was one of the responsible people for the project along all the development process and highlights the importance of the award and the partnership between both companies: “The achievement of the award defines an intensive effort from both parts, which worked in cooperation to apply TNS’ antimicrobial technology in Solvay Rhodia products. The challenges found and overcome consolidated the partnership between both companies, where it was possible to explore all TNS’ expertise, from the product engineering to the application and delivery as whole.”.

Results as these reinforce even more TNS’ mission to contribute to the client’s success with solution that promote benefits to society.

Congratulations to all TNS and Solvay Group members for the consolidation of this important project. This recognition is the result of the work, dedication and commitment with innovation from all involved people.