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Innovative, engaged and ethical

TNS is a company of chemical technology composed of an engaged, ethical and innovative team that thinks globally. Our relationships in different continents show our passion to innovate, develop and collaborate with different cultures, companies and people.

Since our market launch in 2013 (foundation in 2009) we have opted to develop the company within the bootstrapping model. With a business model focused in clients, we research and develop products that will add value to companies, safety and well being to society.


To contribute to the success of our clients with solutions that benefit society.


To bring to our clients functionalities and innovative solutions that add value to products and services.


Founded in 2009 as a result of a technological award, TNS has innovation and entrepreneurship in its DNA. Since then TNS has collected prizes, projects and technological innovation recognition in Brazil and outside. In 2015, it was elected as one of the 22 cases of innovation by CNI (National Confederation of Industry) and elected as the best incubated company in Brazil by ANPROTEC (Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators). Acting in different segments, TNS implements innovation in industry using the principles of nano, micro and biotechnology.

Technical validation in international standards

Our role goes beyond the development and commercialization of products. We are engaged with the market expansion of our clients and partners, therefore we focus on the validation standards internationally recognized.

Added value to your product

With a technical team highly capacitated, capacitated, we stay close to our clients during all the development of our solutions – from the formulation to the launch of the market campaign, delivering safety, sharing knowledge and generating value in the industry.

Customized solutions

Innovation and customization are in our DNA. Contact our team and know our solutions. With an entrepreneurial way of thinking, we will develop together the best solution for your segment and industry. Count on us.


Tons of additivated plastics


Tons of additivated textiles


Tons of additivated paints


Prizes and projects

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Beyond a super dynamic life in one of the most innovative cities in the world, Florianópolis, our team is extremely qualified with graduates, masters and PhD’s from different areas with several scientific publications and recognitions from each area of expertise.








Post Graduations

Florianópolis | SC

Florianópolis is one of the most beautiful places in the world and has been recently elected the capital of entrepreneurship in Brazil. Also known as the “Silicon Island”, it is here where we decided to have our headquarters and office of technical-commercial development.

No matter where you are, contact us and we will arrange a meeting to present the best way to innovate with TNS.

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People with young spirit, engaged and competent are the type of people that make up our team. If you have identified yourself, it will be a great pleasure to have you in our team. Write us and book a meeting, we are constantly growing.