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  • Combating Bacteria in Smart Fabrics

    Get to know the smart fabrics Learn what they are and why smart fabrics are gaining market and attracting the interest of numerous industries and customers.     See how these fabrics work Fabrics are very favorable environments for the development and proliferation of bacteria. Discover the myth behind washing clothes.     Search for […]

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  • Nanotechnology and its applications

    How it can favour us in many areas Our goal in this eBook is to present some examples of how nanotechnology can favor us in different areas and how it is an excellent tool in the search for wellness, health, efficiency and sustainability. Check it out! Practice areas of Nanotechnology In this material we talk […]

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  • What is Nanotechnology

    Know the benefits of utilizing nanoscale materials At the nanoscale, the properties of some materials differ significantly from those we know. Discover the advantages and some examples of use of nanoparticles!   Learn how nanoparticles are obtained Have you ever stopped to think about how you get such small particles, about 100,000 times smaller than […]

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