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TNS is a company formed by a deliveries that involves the society as a whole, committed to implement innovation into industry. With a very transparent vision we contribute to the success of our clients through solutions which benefits society. Hence we are not restrained for the innovation deliveries which involves the society as a whole.


Ceramic products such as pavement, coatings, sanitary ware and household utensils that generally go through a rigorous process of production, such as high temperature.TNS technology is applicable directly in the conventional process of fabrication, in a simple and economic way, normally incorporated during the enamelling. If you are from the color additive sector, compounds or chemicals for ceramics and are interested to know more, click here and go to the partnership area. If you are interested about finished products containing our solutions, leave your contact. We will bring to you our partner’s portfolio.

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Textile products are part of our daily routine in all aspects of our life. TNS develops and implements in the industry different technologies which facilitate our life.

Based on simple steps, we incorporate our products in threads and fabrics of different sectors, such as carpets, furniture, bed, bath, fitness, underwear, professional and casual.

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TNS additives can be applied to all kinds of coatings. With technologies compatible with powder, water and solvent based coatings, TNS covers the whole market of paints.

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The incorporation of additives in the plastic segment is done in a simple and fast way. Our team develops different high technology additives which resist to any thermoforming process.

With non-leachable technology and according to some of the most rigorous, TNS offers to the market different technologies without interfering in the color and resistance of plastics.

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The veterinary segment is a great opportunity for technology solutions. With all our know-how we act with nano, micro and biotechnology in order to bring to the market solutions to combat microorganisms and premature diagnosis in poultry farms and industries.

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Hospitals, clinics, medical equipment and accessories are increasingly more functional and intelligent.

TNS, with all its know-how in different sectors of engineering acts in the customization of products with the most rigorous standards of quality, attending to different national and international standards.

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Paper and Cellulose

Paper products are everywhere, such as in packings, filters, furniture and even in our daily napkins.

TNS has developed formulations that are compatible with different industrial processes, even in during the paper pulp production.

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We often hear that Brazil is the world’s barn. Certainly this is a phrase of proudness for all Brazilians. Along with innovation, there are several technological challenges where TNS can act.

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