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We often hear that Brazil is the world’s barn. Certainly this is a phrase of proudness for all Brazilians. Along with innovation, there are several technological challenges where TNS can act. With products for the egg industry, proteins, horti-fruit, flowers and ornamental plants, TNS works with strategic partners to develop unique products. If you are interested to know more, leave your contact. We will take you to our portfolio of opportunities.

TNS Advantages

  • Low cost of implementation
  • High yield
  • Customized application
  • Monocomponent product
  • Approved by international standards

Products in this segment

Silver nanoparticles based antimicrobial

Antimicrobial zinc based

Shelf life extender for flowers and ornamental plants

Coating to increase shelf-life of eggs

Bacteria revealing kit



Meat Packing


Plastic Structures for Farms

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