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Increasingly more different colors are part of our daily routine. Independently of the final applications, our additives are customized to any fabrication process. TNS additives can be applied to all kinds of paints. With compatible technologies with powder paints, water and solvent based paints, TNS covers the whole market of paints. If you are a paint producer and has a market demand and are interested to know more, click here and go to the partnership area.
If you want to understand more about our applications for your products, leave your contact. We will bring to you our portfolio of solutions.

TNS Advantages

  • Easy incorporation and processing
  • 100% TNS Technology
  • Fast delivery
  • Low cost of implementation
  • High yield
  • Customized application
  • Monocomponent product
  • Compatible with any production process and coatings
  • Approved by international standards

Products in this segment

Silver nanoparticles based antimicrobial

Zinc nanoparticles based antimicrobial

Functional Microparticles


Powder Paints

  • Micronized
  • Compounds

Liquid Paints

  • Polars
  • Non-polars

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