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It is unpleasent and anti-higienic to use moldy products or the ones that suffer with the risk of cross contamination.

Aligned to the crescent demand of the market for biological safety, health and well-being, TNS offers a portfolio of different antimicrobial solutions to the industrial plants.

The antimicrobial products are incorporated in textiles (fibers and dyeing process), plastics (masterbatches and final products), paints, ceramics and other segments that are present in our daily lives.


Looking for the necessity of a higher productivity in the field and the world hunger problem, TNS is also providing to the market of seed treatment and foliar fertilizers with the goal of adding even more value to the chain. The Viva Flora is applied with different benefits:

  • Biological protection for seeds;
  • An increase of productivity in different cultures – (consult the cultures with our experts);
  • Efficient antifungal protection;
  • Reduction of Fusarium fungus disease (yellows) – more than 20%.


The commercial eggs industry in Brazil has an approximate volume of 39 Bi/year. Of all this, 5% is lost during the process.

Developed by TNS, Embrapa and Fornari, the Nanovo provides to the market the solution for most of these losses. The main benefits are:

  • Increase of the mechanical resistance of the shell;
  • Increase of the shelf life from 4 to 10 weeks (with 100% of the viable eggs);
  • Biological safety from pathogenic microorganisms.
Important: All the results were obtained in colaboration with the Embrapa – Concórdia – SC unit. Ageing and bromatological analisys (internal quality of the egg) were realized according to rigid protocols wrote by the accountable agencies.

Feline Diseases Revealing Solution

The feline population is the fastest growing in the world. Only in Brazil the growth is in average 8% a year. With this in mind, it’s fundamental to guarantee the health and well-being of our pet’s.

The diseases revealing solution posses the necessary compounds to identify disturbances in the renal health of the felines. It is available in two options:

  • Liquid solution to be incorporated into the conventional cat sand (SiO).
  • Granulated solution ready for fractionation.

Once in contact with the felines urine from a cat that has any kind of renal disturbance both solutions will change its color.


Fresher is an ecological friendly antimicrobial/anti-odor solution, developed to control the bad odor in the clothes.

Used directly in any washing machine and it can be applied together with the softener.

Long lasting effect: The Fresher incorporate its active principle in the textile protecting the fabric from bad odor and eventual mold for approximately 3 uses.

Grease Barrier (Fluor Free)

The TNS’s grease barrier for paper is the most innovative product in this market.

Being a flour-free technology, there is no migration of toxic compounds in the treated paper for the food and consequently for the human organism.

  • Safe;
  • Maintains the original characteristics of the paper;
  • Offers differentiation for fast food packages.

Polyflex Varnish (Water or solvent based)

  • High elasticity for flexible surfaces;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Cover for corners, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and contaminants;
  • Easy maintenance e increase of quality of the treated surface.

Applications in: PVC, Wood and Granites.