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Kurt Politzer Prize 2019 in the category Start up

TNS was recognized on the morning of Monday (02/12), through the Kurt Politzer Award 2019 – Awarded by the Brazilian Association of Chemical - Abiquim , The prize aims to stimulate research and innovation in the field of chemistry in the country.


In the presence of distinguished figures such as Marcos De Marchi president of Abiquim and CEO Elekeiroz, Daniela Manique vice president Abiquim and CEO of Rhodia, Carlos Langoni Economist and Decio Oddone General Director of the ANP, receives recognition with the project "Replacement of toxic solvents and reduced energy consumption in the production of anti-microbial process for the textile industry" in the category Start up.


This recognition us proud and at the same time brings great responsibility. Therefore we are committed to being in constant search of new technologies, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers and the well-being of the environment through innovation.


We believe in green Chemistry!


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