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Developing product Spray that creates an antiviral coating and protects surfaces

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic (SARS-CoV-2), observed since 2019, which causes a large number of deaths in many countries, there was a need to not only understand the causes and forms of contagion but also to design possible solutions that eliminate or minimize problems caused by viruses.


The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus occurs through droplets from infected people, which, when coughing or sneezing, can contaminate surfaces of objects and environments, where later other people will have contact, which may generate what we call cross-contamination.


According to studies published by the New England Journal of Medicine (2020), the virus can survive on surfaces for up to 4 hours (copper) or up to 3 days (plastic and stainless steel), so it is important to be careful when sanitizing surfaces to prevent transmission.


Thinking of solutions to reduce this form of contagion, we at TNS ask ourselves: ‘What if the surfaces themselves have the ability to eliminate viruses?


Thus, TNS has been dedicating the expertise of its specialists in the matter in partnership with the Senai Institute of Innovation in Electrochemistry – Senai Paraná, and together we commit ourselves to bring to the market an antiviral coating with spray application that can help fight viruses like the coronavirus type.


This coating must be easy to handle and apply by spray, without the need to prepare the surface beforehand. Thus, it can be used on surfaces such as door handles, tables and benches, counters, stair railings, corridors, among others.

In the product, different active ingredient technologies will be used, making common surfaces on surfaces capable of inactivating different viruses.


Thus, through this application it will be possible to reduce the virus transmission capacity. In addition, always thinking about the final usability, we take into consideration the importance of being a non-toxic product, easy to apply and accessible to the population.