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Protec-20 guarantees elimination of viruses in tissues even after 50 washing cycles

Com as drásticas mudanças que a pandemia trouxe a sociedade, a TNS agiu de forma rápida e eficiente para oferecer uma solução para passarmos por esse momento com maior segurança. Assim surgiu o Protec-20, aditivo antiviral para aplicação industrial da TNS. Dentro do segmento têxtil, o Protec-20 permitiu às indústrias se reinventarem rapidamente e entregarem para sociedade tecidos que eliminam os vírus dos artigos têxteis a partir de 1 minuto *.


Given its high efficiency in the elimination of viruses, fabrics treated with Protec-20 are being used for several purposes: masks, PPE's, lab coats, bedding, workwear, sportwear, among many others, thus benefiting people from north to south of Brazil, in addition to other countries in Latin America, Europe and even Asia.


Antiviral technology has ceased to be a differential and is becoming an essential feature for textiles. Thus, many doubts regarding the durability of antiviral action arise. As a great market differential, TNS proves its 99% virus elimination strength ** even after 50 wash cycles, according to the procedure of ISO 105-C06: 2010 *** with dosages well below those found in the market. Check with our team.


This high washing strength proves how the active principle, nano-silver with its natural stabilizer, is strongly linked to the textile substrate, an almost exclusive characteristic TNS, since the results were obtained without the addition of fixatives. Although this anchorage is proven, many are concerned about the possible inhalation of the nano-silver, when using, for example, a mask with TNS antiviral protection.


Results published by ECHA (Agência Europeia das Substâncias Químicas) relacionados ao estudo da toxicidade aguda por inalação, mostraram que nanopartículas de prata não requerem classificação para irritação respiratória. De acordo com os critérios especificados pela Diretiva 67/548/EEC e regulamentos subseqüentes, não exige classificação nem para toxicidade aguda por inalação nem para irritação respiratória.


It is with this cutting edge technology that TNS has been making a positive contribution to this moment in which the world lives. Protec-20-treated fabrics dramatically reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and thus the spread of disease is slowed down. Working with seriousness and commitment, TNS delivers a high quality product to industries, ensuring greater protection and safety for the final consumer.


* 99.9% of the Coronavirus (MHV-3 strain) was inactivated in 60 seconds. This reduction percentage is in comparison with the viral control, that is, the untreated tissue. The tests were performed in laboratory NB-2 (Biosafety Level 2) following the Recommendations of ANVISA Art. 1 and Art. 3 of IN 04/13 and IN 12/16 and methodologies described in the standards (ISO 18184/ 2019-06-25: “Textiles - Determination of antiviral activity of textile products” and from the Robert Koch Institute - RKI) and obeying Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
** Canine coronavirus according to ISO 18184: 2019
*** specifies the anchor strength of the additive when subjected to domestic or commercial washes used for household articles using a reference detergent. Articles for industrial and hospital use may be subjected to special washing procedures that may, in some aspects, be more severe.