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TNS is elected the Startup number # 1 in the Agro segment

Published since 2016, or Ranking 100 Open Startups annually highlights the most compelling startups for the corporate market and companies most engaged leaders in the innovation ecosystem.


The attractiveness is measured by objective criteria linked to the business relationships between startups and large companies in the market, rewarding performance in creating new businesses and development of innovations.


And it is with great joy that we come to share the second consecutive year, TNS was named one of the 100 most attractive Startups in Brazil, According to the 100 Startups Open.


top 100 startups brasil

Among the more than 8000 participants startups TNS figured at # 23th position of the general rankings, up one position # 24th positionWhich occupied in 2018.


TNS is TOP # 1

startup agricultura top 1 melhor startup

In 2018 TNS was elected the Startup number # 1 in the Materials segment. Recognition achieved with dedication and commitment of our team aligned with one of our values: innovation.


And innovation continues moving and driving toward a future increasingly brighter. This year was the turn of agribusiness into focus in TNS, and the result achieved could not be different. We were elected to Startup number # 1 of the Agriculture segment.


A entrega do prêmio será realizada no dia 23/07, às 19h, no ARCASão Paulo, durante o Whow!. We already disclosed but not worth remembering, if you want to participate in Whow! TNS offers 30% discount to its partners, simply use the coupon: REDETNSNANOTECNOLOGIA.



Results like this fill us with pride and motivation to continue developing solutions that promote benefits to society.

TNS thanks the 100 Startups Open the recognition and congratulates all its employees, consultants and partners who were part of another victorious chapter in our history.


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