Aqueous solutions

The requirement of stability at different conditions of use can be challenging for some compounds in separate formulations. The TNS additives are designed precisely to meet the market demand, delivering value and results to industry and consumers. Know more.


Biodegradable encapsulation materials

The TNS seeks to combine the technology to promote health and wellness. biodegradable encapsulated are an alternative for those looking to add special features in its different formulations.

Always focusing on sustainability, TNS additives are natural, sustainable and biodegradable, bringing benefits to people and the environment.


Natural preservatives

Sem os conservantes, os cosméticos não seriam os mesmos. Conservantes protegem os produtos de fungos e bactérias, que podem causar deterioração ou efeitos adversos.

Com a evolução das funcionalidades e exigência por um mundo mais sustentável, a necessidade de conservantes de origem natural são ainda mais importantes. Por isso, a TNS desenvolve alternativas naturais e até mesmo veganas, que são seguras para o contato com a pele, aliando eficiência e bem-estar.


Stories of

Sandra H. S. Ramirez

Product Development Manager - Formica

I come here to inform the recognition for the work done by the company TNS that in a short time, after performing some product validation testing, it became our microbial agent provider. Congratulations to the company by: - ​​excellent work, - the high technical level of the professionals - the speed in solving problems - the solution presented for use in our product.

Isabella Marini Vargas

Technical Manager - Sayerlack

TNS consider an innovative company and in line with our aim to bring the best solutions to the market.

Gerson Grohskopf

Product Engineer - Condor

Focada em oferecer todo cuidado para seu consumidores, a Condor há alguns anos já buscava alguma tecnologia antimicrobiana que fosse viável e confiável para acrescentar em seu portfólio. Assim que conhecemos a TNS e suas propostas de parceria, desenvolvemos em conjunto a primeira escova dental com a tecnologia Bac Block, que utiliza íons de prata. A escova protege de bactérias e é uma maneira efetiva para que germes e bactérias não se proliferem, evitando inflamações prejudiciais à saúde e doenças mais comuns como a gengivite e periodontite. Uma inovação que só foi possível por esse trabalho em equipe com a TNS.

Guilherme Eiras

Director - Yuze

For Yuze the applied technology is fundamental to differentiate in the market. As most of our products is in contact with food, it is essential that they have antimicrobial protection. Generally, kitchen products has only an antibacterial coating, which comes out with use. With the TNS technology, we managed to put the Yuze products in a select category before dominated only by big international brands. In addition, they allowed sales to countries such as Switzerland, USA and UAE. It is the Brazilian industry showing that with innovation, we can get very far!

Fabio Endo

Director - Seiren in Brazil

I come here let my satisfaction first have known the company TNS, a company that that in a short time became a partner, fruit that won by great quality, commitment to their work and also for the performance of their products in the innovation sector, technology in the textile sector.

Marcio Alves

SGI Coordinator - Beaulieu of Brazil

The residential carpet manufactured by Beaulieu in Brazil receive an anti-microbial treatment NpAg_925 TNS. It is an economic protection and easy application to combat microbial growth against common fungi that can be found inside our homes. This treatment enhances the antimicrobial effect and repulsive character to fungi and polyamide fibers and polypropylene yarn used by Beaulieu Brazil.

Karina Borguesan

Communication Analyst - Oxford Porcelains

Oxford antimicrobial use in nanotechnology TNS formula enamel covering Line pans, which inhibits the proliferation of approximately 95% of the fungi and bacteria that come in contact with parts in everyday life. This increases the confidence of people to cook and store food in these pots, which above all are non-toxic. The antimicrobial solution of TNS helps to strengthen the positioning of our product as healthier and safer.




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